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I realize few if any Shark owners will have encountered this problem. I'm desperate for any advice though. We installed a CNC Shark HD 2.0 installed in a University furniture design shop. The PC running VCarve, Cut3D and the Controller software is on the university network. Users of the CNC are required to sign in under their own IDs, and while VCarve and Cut3D run fine after being installed at the Admin level, the CNC Shark Controller Panel does not pass it's registration down to individual users. It appears we'll need to enter the registrations codes to register the software and enable the Touch plate at each unique login. There will be a minimum of 30 unique users this semester alone, and this is not very pracatical. I don't want to give all the users the registration codes either, so it'll mean I personally will have to be there the first time any new user logs in to use it, and that is simply impossible. Is there any way to configure one registered install of the Control Panel so that it persists registered across many users?The PC is running Windows 7 Professional. It is a brand new Dell with an intel i7 chip and 8gb of memory.

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