About Us

Industrial PC Pro is a leading system integrator who is concentrated on manufacturing and distributing high quality industrial computers and industrial computer components such as high performance rack mount computers, rugged panel PCs, embedded computers, rack mount LCD keyboard drawers, single board computers, and long term supply industrial motherboards. Since its establishment, Industrial PC Pro has successfully gained recognition for its innovative designs and outstanding customer satisfaction.

We are committed to our customers with integrity in our soul, innovation in our mind, and passion in our heart. Our company culture fosters us to serve our customers and partners with enthusiasm and effectiveness to improve quality of lives. At Industrial PC Pro, we are constantly working to strengthen our products. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing a successful final results, and striving for the highest quality.

Industrial PC Pro provides versatile products and services from system level such as high quality industrial rack mount computers, rugged panel PCs, and compact size embedded computers to board level such as PICMG1.0 and PICMG1.3 single board computers, industrial motherboards and passive backplanes.