6 months ago
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Ensys has created the Pro Pi Modular Industrial Computer based on the Raspberry PI module to meet the need for a reliable, rugged, affordable and easy-to-customise industrial computer.

Ensys created PRO PI Computer because many customers were interested in a Raspberry-based device that was more stable and robust enough to be implemented in switchboards and industrial installations. In fact, Raspberry alone cannot be used in an industrial environment due to some physical limitations of the board, e.g. the board cannot withstand voltage fluctuations, its memory is extremely limited, the use of too many peripherals compromises its functionality, etc…

For this reason, we decided to improve the physical structure of Raspberry in order to provide a safe and stable product that can be used in extreme environments. What makes our device unique is its long-term availability, low power consumption, high reliability, mainstream Linux kernel support and the fact that we can boast a product that is CE compliant.

We have created 3 versions of the Pro Pi to meet different needs:
The Superlight version is the basic version of the Pro Pi.
The Light version is a version with a few extra features such as an integrated microphone and CAN BUS port.
The Full version has many sensors such as CO2 sensor, integrated VOC, but above all it has a 4-band GSM 2G module with integrated antenna and integrated uSIM slot to make instruments, facilities and installations networked (IoT).